Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Green Show

Today I dropped off three art pieces at the Butler Art Center,
next Friday is the opening for the Green Art Show.
Once again I used rabbits and a 'little pink house"
to discuss land use in the U.S.A.

This first jar is Green Space.
A pure environmental eco system.
The top is closed, meaning contained system.

The second jar is Displacement.
I put news paper over the opening then cut it, pushing the paper inward.
As in man pushing into the environment.

The last jar is a Brown Field.
The news paper lid is pushed out of the jar,
man leaving the environment.
Leaving junk and decay.

I think this is the last time I use rabbits
and the pink house in my art work.
Ready to find new ways to talk about land use.

When I dropped these pieces off they were in a box.
I filled out paper work and left.
Later I thought, maybe I should have explained what these pieces are about.

When I got home I found the road I live on lined with electric and phone company trucks.
We have had a lot of rain and high winds.
There was a landslide on a hill above the road.
Several very large trees fell over knocking down power and phone lines.

I decided once I got home to call the art center to make sure they display the pieces together.
I had to use my cell phone...not a cell phone fan..stress...I can never hear what people are saying.

Anyway, the person who answered had just put my jars on display.
 And it seems he had them in the wrong order.
So I'm thinking, people are not going to get the message.

I originally had planned on making the scenes inside the jars very elaborate but
due to time restraints I went with simple.
I'm rather happy with the simple look.
But very worried that people will not understand the message.
Also worried that these piece are not "house friendly" decorative art.

Being optimistic.

I once took a class from a successful artist who was giving advice on
how to get your art career going.
One rule was to never enter shows with low entry fees, they usually are not worth your time.
With this show, I broke that rule big time.

Still being optimistic!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks..what have you been doing? are you doing a different blog?

  2. I agree and also love the message.
    Call the center on Tuesday after noon when they open.
    Too bad they are closed on sunday... I will be near there on my way to Wanda's opening.
    You might want to make little place cards to put under each one with a title or short, really short explanation. Maybe just one or two words, like you used here.
    Anyway, I get it and love it!

    1. I think they fixed it after I called. It was a college student who I talked who knows. I'm not even sure I can make the show opening. Eva has a hip hop birthday party that way will she miss that! Plus I have several other projects in the works, I need to think about those. Green Show..see ya..moving on to the next thing.

  3. Well done! I love the message, and I hope there will be lots of visitors who will too, or ta least think about it.
    Colette xoxo

  4. Good jog Jill. Maybe you could write out the explanation and put it next to each jar. BTW, I usually use my tablet to leave comments on blogs but it will not work with your blog. So far, your's is the only blog I can't comment on, so wait until I have the computer fired up. Sorry I am usually late in replying.

  5. Nice Jill!!! Great use of your materials. Very cohesive subject matter and cool to look at! I also like how you used one on its side versus having them all upright. Nice work in the details! I'm going to miss that rabbit!

  6. I think they are fantastic Jill. Simple conveyance of a wonderful idea. Loved your article in CPS, finally got it at the post office and had a chance to sit down and read it today - yeah to dyed paper bags. xox Corrine