Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

February 2nd is a big day in Pennsylvania, it's Groundhog Day!

At dawn Punxsutawney Phil will give his 126th prognostication about the weather.
Will it be six more weeks of winter or six weeks until spring??
( don't over think it, just smile)

According the the web site ,
Phil has been 100% right with his predictions.

Tomorrow morning my TV will be turned into the big moment on
Gobbler's Knob.

Here are some more photos, all from the above mentioned web site.

The Inner Circle.

From the 1960's

and one from today.

Think Spring!


  1. I just love the top hats and the tux attire! I don't know about PA, but here in NC it is about 70 degrees today! Lovin' this weather!

  2. Such a serious ceremony for Phil ain't it. Some post cards to mail off to you! xox Corrine

  3. When I lived in PA I went here a couple times- not on GH day, but what a cute town. I believe Phil was living at the public library when we were there. ha!

  4. Our groundhog [Wiarton Willie] predicted an early Spring.......... xo