Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Mail

This small canvas board was sent by Katie at

She put my address and a stamp on the back.
It came through the mail unharmed as is.
Katie also covered over an old painting.
Recycling old art into new.
Love that!

Denise Peek from Texas sent me this journal and tag.
It was a nice surprise.
It's so pretty I hate to use it.
I'll get over that soon!

Thank you ladies for such great mail gifts.

I'm plugging away on my projects.
I have been stressing over the up coming Green Show.
After days of fretting and staring into space ( taking no action)
I finally worked out how to get the three pieces done before March 3rd.

I had a concept but thought the work involved was to much
 to do with the looming deadline.
I also used my time honored tick of how to get myself unstuck....
start other projects!

I found this blog that posts mail art project

I'm doing the Memories of Mark Twain show in WI
(look for that post at the end of Jan. or first part of Feb.)
Mayworks Mail Art Exhibition Canada.

The Art House Co-op is also doing a mail art swap,
click the Sketchbook Project 2012 badge on the right side of my blog to get to their site.

Doing these mail art shows, or even magazine challenges, are great
ways to grow as an artist. They push you in directions outside your comfort zone,
to try new things, think in a different direction and use "new to you" materials/supplies.
Give one of them a try soon!

( spell check not working today, sorry)


  1. Don't worry about the spelling because mine is so bad I can make sense out of the security words.

  2. Great how Katie's piece came unharmed and that notebook, Denise is quite something, I got one too!!! xox Corrine

  3. Very cool!! It's always fun to see each other's take on the same project!