Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garbage and Pickles!

How did I spend my extra day??
( Leap year folks!, Feb 29th)

This morning I baked garbage.
I picked it out of our burn pile and along the road.
I'm using it in a piece I 'm making for a
local "Green Art Show".
After I was sure all the moisture was evaporated I went to work.

Two of the three pieces I'm making are done.
Before I can start the next piece I have to figure
out what to do with all these....

One gallon jar's worth of dill pickles!
I want the jar...the pickles..not so much.

Will have photos of what I'm working on for the show in a few days.
I have to get my entries to the art center this weekend.

Anyone having blogger issues??
Spell check not working or when you correct mistakes
they correct but when you
publish you find out the corrections were not saved?
Also, I suspect I have trouble leaving comments on blogs
 that are operating on Apple/Mac systems.

Thoughts? Comments?


  1. Wondering what you are going to make out of all that stuff. Can't wait to see the out come.