Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wonder Woman

I've been reading Desire to Inspire by Christine Miller, I won the book on
Corrine's blog giveaway.

I've been stuck in the, "not enough time in my day for art" mode. That kind of thinking leads to there not being enough time. It becomes my  truth. So now I say, " I WILL have time today".
Desire to Inspire has a few tips to help one get their creative mojo going.

One of the exercise to motivate your creative ambition in the midst of a busy lifestyle is to "find the superhero in you".
The idea is to find something that will remind you that you are an artist and need to make time for that aspect of your life. Our daily responsibilities have a way of sucking up all of our time.

It is suggested in the book to use something as a trigger of sorts to get you motivated in a creative direction. Some of the suggestions are;

1. Choose a magic word
( none of the ones I picked were appropriate..have a bad attitude at the moment)

On to number two.

2. Create your power move...something that actives your confidence.
( What ???? )

3. Pick a talisman
( I spend way to much time looking for my glasses and car keys.
Don't need to keep track of another thing)

4. Find a theme song
( How to pick one song?? many to choose from)

I have been struggling for months with finding time to work on art projects.
I'm a mom = housekeeper, cook, taxi driver, homework specialist, accountant, the list goes on.
I also work part time, take care of  four family pets
 ( family pets that only survive because I remember to feed and water them) 
and somehow I seem to be the only one who knows what everyone else is doing in the house and keeps them all on track.
Holy cow! I'm  Wonder Woman!

 So number two it is!
Power move = Wonder Woman stance.

How do you carve out time in your day for creative endeavors?

I need some tips!


  1. What is that white stuff in the picture? I do seem to remember that stuff from when I lived close to you. It is in the upper 70's around here. Of course we should get a couple more cold fronts through here before summer sets in.

  2. Wonder Woman! Awesome! Still trying to find time for my art.... so anticipating your next blog entry with some more ideas and smiles!

  3. I love your power woman stance. Very Annie Oakley, Davy Crocket as a woman thing. I think your list of jobs is very similar to mine, except the kid is a grown up.....I try for 10 minutes every day no matter what and see where it takes me...That has worked for all of last year, not that I don't have days when the mojo gets sucked down the drain, but...10 minutes seems do-able. xox Corrine

  4. A great post and a great photo! I like Corrine's advice .... I think I might try that 10 minute idea as well. Good luck Jill. xoxo

  5. Yes - Wonder woman!! I am right there with you. Sometimes when I am really desperate for art time, I will get up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than I need to and go straight to the art room. Starting off my day in the art room makes me feel good all throughout the day somehow. Yes, it can be hard getting up, but the excitement of painting or whatever project I am working on takes over the drowsiness!