Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to swap Mail Art?

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up and I thought a
Mail Art swap could be fun.
My thought is,  I would swap a piece of mail art with you, then I would email your address to
one of the other people who signed up for the swap.
So, you would make on piece for me and one piece for a second person.

The mail art can have a Valentine's theme or not!

I want this to be fun, no stress.

I would like to have everyone participating contact me by February 5th.
February 7th I will reply to your email with my address and a second person's address.

All mail art should be mailed out around February 10th.

Contact me at

Let the fun begin!!!!!


  1. I left a comment on your last blog using my tablet and I see it didn't post. This is the second site that doesn't seem to work with my tablet. BTW, Valentines Day is also my birthday. Keep up with the art, you are very good at it and have great ideas.

  2. Too funny Jill! I was just thinking earlier today about sending something your way. I really liked your mail art box! Count me in!

  3. Yes, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday! I would love to participate in this swap. Jane

  4. I wouldn't do this for just anyone ..... but you do inspire me with the opportunity to join you and your creative buddies! I'm in!