Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Milk Gallery

This cube is my entry for the Milk Gallery's Mail Art Show.
I got the box from my mom. It was a decorative storage box made of cardboard with
a Victorian wallpaper design covering the outside.
I recovered it with magazine pages and postage stamps.

I put the address on the bottom of the box.
My return address and postage were added at the post office.
The rules were to send art "as is", not inside a box or envelope.
It has to go through the mail the same way it would be displayed.

I used the rabbits again to talk about land use and displacement of wildlife.
The first panel is a reference to the garden of Eden.
Note the apple and  religious themed stamps.
( okay, a little heavy handed but I like it!)

Now we turn the box to the second panel.
Man is moving in.
Postage stamps with animal faces look on from up high.

The third panel has man settled into his new environment.

Turn the box one last time to the fourth panel.
This side of the box depicts areas were man has abandon and left for dead.

In environmental terms the box starts in a "green space" and ends in a "brown field".

The top of my box explains the plight of animals and questions land use in America today.

My piece of Mail Art is now inside the U.S. postal system.
I wonder what the postal worker make of it??


  1. Love it, love it, love it. I am thinking this one is way cool Jill!! xox

  2. That's really very beautiful. And love the idea of it!

  3. I'm guessing you'll give a few postal workers the thrill of their day/ week/ month! Bravo! xo

  4. Love the way you share a message.... and it looks good too!

  5. Wow Jill! Really cool idea! I love how your collages have such depth!!! Each side looks great!! I also like how you are using the same idea in various projects. Really digging deep to stretch your idea - nice!!!

  6. That's a great piece Jill .....very strong message ....x

  7. I'll bet the mail carriers love it too! This is a great idea! ANd, how did I not know of this fun challenge?! I love the John Deere in there. gets the point,doesn't it. Love all your environmental art!
    Sorry I haven't been able to post on some blogs, but I've been following along! I loved your wonder woman post!