Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We stayed home for New Year's Eve.
New Year's day we spent in Pittsburgh.
My husband has been wanting to visit the casino.
The Rivers Casino is fairly new to the city.

We decided to spend the night in a hotel and make it a mini get away.
( or  Christmas recovery trip!)

I'm not interested in gambling. I packed up my camera and new tripod.

The top photo is from our hotel room window.

It was an overcast day with high winds.
I got a few "okay" shots.

Pittsburgh is the city of bridges.
If I'm remembering correctly I think the bridges were painted yellow for a movie.
Possibly for the movie Inspector Gadget with Mattew Broderick.

You may not know this but Pittsburgh is a movie town.
A new Batman movie was filmed here last summer.
Tom Cruise spent the fall in the city filming a movie.
It's common to here on our local news reports which streets in the city are shutdown for movie shoots.

Pittsburgh is also a city moving in a green direction.
The Heinz family has a foundation that promotes "green construction " projects.
The hotel we stayed in had something new.

When you entered the hotel room you stuck your hotel key in a slot that turned the lights on.
When you left the room you pulled the key out and out went the lights.

From my hotel window I had a limited view.
I did manage to snap a few pictures using the tripod.

We didn't win any money at the casino.
My husband did come home with a small hangover.
He had a really good time
and that's what counts!


  1. All of your pictures are amazing, but I especially love the top one. Brad and I were in Pittsburgh last new year for the winter classic and I just love the bridges. In the second photo..we always wonder if you could hit a golf ball off the top and get it into the river. Haha. We have that conversation every time we see it from mt Washington. What do you think?

  2. Have you checked out Iuoma site for trashpo geoup. I saw it and thought of you!!!!! Mail art entirely from trash and junk mail. Looks like a fun trip!!! Minus the hangover. xox Corrine