Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Month, New Start

This is one of the last trees with leaves left in my yard. The bare bone landscape of November is setting the stage for winter. I have to admit that "digging in" for the winter has a certain appeal.
Maybe I'll get my sketchbook finished or start a painting.
Eva's acting bug has kept me busy but my reading addiction also has gotten out of hand.
I don't watch TV often.
While working on costumes and a back drop for the play my mini art studio got trashed.
I have not wanted to face it so I put my face in a book.

So, here is my mess...hope to shame myself to clean it up and get back to work.

The picture is just the tip of the mess, you should see the floor!
( or as my husband says,"what floor?")

For anyone who is an Inkheart fan, Cornelia Funke has a new book, Reckless. There will most likely be a second book, there were questions unanswered.

This next book is about the world running out of oil. It's for teenager and lightly covers a large range of topics. I think it was well done without preaching.

This last book I picked up because it was Halloween.
It had an interesting storyline but there was a bad romance novel mixed up in the story.

I read about ten other books over the last two months, I'll spare you the titles.
I need to loose my library card for a few weeks.
Tonight I clean my studio!
( My husband offered to help, YIKES!)


  1. That is one awesome mess! It's art,too! heee! New season, new beginnings and projects. enjoy. xo

  2. It must be bad if you hubby offered to help!!

    In my answer to your comment on my blog, I wondered if the spring on the Renfrew road was still good with all the new developement up on the hill. Last July I saw some people getting water from it as I drove by.

  3. I always feel so much better when I see someone else with a mess. Now that I have lights back, I can organize my nook at home. xox Corrine

  4. ha ha you are after my own heart i LOVE mess it's the only way I work ......x