Monday, October 10, 2011

Stage Mom

The car is loaded.
I'm spending the day working on costumes for Eva's acting class.
Basically I will be embellishing and reworking costumes that the acting teacher has collected over the years. There is no school today so the kids will be practicing for next Saturdays short version
 ( one act) of the play( three acts) they will be putting on Oct. 22 for charity.

It's going to a beautiful 79 degree fall day here in western PA.
I hope you have a beautiful day too!


  1. Sounds like it is a beautiful day in PA, and you are going to make it more so with the costumes.

  2. You sure are going to be busy! Have fun. That reminds me how my mom was always sewing costumes and such too when we were in school. Your kids are lucky!

  3. I am sure you were a dervish! Yesterday was gorgeous here too, golden days. Now the leaves are whirling like golden coins...xox Corrine