Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yesterday we woke up to large wet snowflakes falling thick and fast.
Lucky for us they melted an hour later. Way to soon for snow!

Eva was home sick a few days this week and it's Halloween week.
No art happening here.

Time is flying by. But the the malls are pushing it. Yesterday we were at Sears buying tires. The Christmas trees were up. The worst was Joann Fabrics.. they are playing Christmas music!


  1. yes that is SO wrong its far too early for Christmas .......x

  2. Everything is so commercialized any more. BTW it is way too early for snow.

  3. Time move by fast enough. We really need to just enjoy each day...
    And the snow... what a shocker!
    Ps. Loved Eva's costume. They looked like they had a wonderful time, and I know that fun is contagious, so you must have had fun too.

  4. Glad yours melted. Ours is trying, most of it around the house landed on trees, some of which broke from the top. Not too bad all round, just no power and probably none until tomorrow. Thanks goodness for hubby's phone with the hot spot. Hope Eva mends quickly, school illness season starts. xox Corrine

  5. oh no, Christmas is upon us....okay, I admit I love the music. :0) But wow, it is early. Happy Halloween!

  6. The snow I can understand.... total fluke. But the Christmas music? I guess we need to get used to it ... suddenly November has arrived. Spring is back in Toronto, and hopefully for your too! xo