Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the edge of fall...

Out with my camera this morning.
Summer green is making way for color!
Western PA is jungle green in the summer.
We are all happy to see other colors seeping in.
Dick, I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of PA.
( He is a Texan but has PA roots)


  1. Thanks Jill, I love the pictures. I really miss Autumn in Pennsylvania. When I was a kid we always packed a picnic lunch and took a long drive, usually up to Cameron County and back. A long way but very beautiful country. Down here one tree turns color at a time. They sort of take turns (grin).

  2. Enjoyed your pictures Jill! Great compositions and interesting snippets of time.

  3. Nice pics Jill. Sure would love to take that walk with you. xox Corrine

  4. Beautiful photos, weekend, weather, and hope you have a great week too. xo

  5. love that railroad shot. great colors. we don't really get much color change here in Florida!