Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yard Work

As many of you who drop by my blog know, I love challenges. Be they magazine or sketchbook or something in between, racking my brain to complete the task required makes me happy.
Well, I've thought up a challenge for myself.
I'm on a mission to create art out things I find in my yard and around the house.

Not so original for those of us who live to recycle.
The main goal of my challenge is to inspire YOU to give some thought about what is around you.
Don't overlook what is under your nose.

The challenge I set for myself is to think and create the unexpected.
The picture above is an insect made out of berries, leaves and plant stems from my yard.

While the weather is beautiful here in western PA I plan to spend much of my time in the yard.
Right now I am photographing what I make.
The possibility's of what I can do with these images are endless.
Stay tuned for my
"Yard Work" & "House Work".


  1. looking forward to seeing these .........x

  2. I am looking forward also, I like your flying insect. The trouble is it will not last very long, I guess that is why you are taking pictures.

  3. Ah, the elusive Pennsylvania red berry leafwing! In Latin, that would be
    rutilus Bacca pennaefolium, I believe.

  4. I'm enjoying your blog while trying to stay cool. Like your idea about creating art from the yard as I live on a farm in Tunisia and think a lot about sustainability and recycling. Awhile ago I decided to improve my garden decor by using what I find on the land. There's so much! Thanks for sharing.
    best, nadia

  5. Nice Jill!! Another home run idea!! Looking forward to your inspiration!!