Monday, August 15, 2011


Just back from the post office.
I mailed out, the last day to do so, a grant for painters.
When I got back from vacation an issue of Art in America was waiting for me.
While mindlessly flipping through their 2011 Guide for museums,galleries &
artist, I notices a tiny ad for the grant.

The grant was for people over 45 years old who were painters.
I rolled it around in  my head for a day or so.
They suggested submitting a series of works.
Well I have only recently picked up my bushes after a long lapse.

I was just back from vacation with a camera full of pictures.
A series of pictures!
I had about 18 days to pull it off.
I have been painting day and night!

Here are a few.

I needed ten paintings.
Older painting were allowed.
So I tossed this one in.

My motivation for this crazy impulse move?
Money for a studio.
Ask and you shall receive.
I asked, so Providence, God, the Universe now knows what I want.
( Can't wait to find out what happens next)

okay, off to drop in my tracks..wiped out!


  1. Nice paintings, I hope that you get your grant and studio.

  2. You continue to inspire.... your paintings are awesome!

  3. Good luck! Hope you are moving into a new studio soon. I love the paintings.

  4. Thats awesome, I will keep you in my prayers I hope you get it. A studio would be a wonderful thing to have. I know what you mean about last minute rush to produce I lot, I have had to do that a time or two haha, much of luck to you.

    - Much love, Trashy Crafter Kim

  5. Good luck, nice to know there is still money out there for the arts. You certainly got into the painterly spirit, love that hotel sign. xox Corrine

  6. I replied to your comment on my blog, but was not sure that you would go back and check, so I will copy it here:
    Jill, I love your paintings and especially like the first one on your blog. The reason is that both my grandfathers were rail-roaders. My maternal grandpa was an engineer on the PRR and my paternal grandpa was a conductor on the B&O.

  7. Very motivated Jill!! I love the train painting and in fact I think you could transform that into a beautiful quilted wall hanging!!! I can see the free motion quilting now!!!
    Love the motive too! Go get um' Jill!!!