Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation Treasures

I thought I would share some art work we bought  while on vacation. Eva bought this fox in Santa Fe from a Native American in front of the Governor's Palace. Native Americans sell their hand made wares on the front veranda's of the palace. They line up down the length of the veranda and display their piece for sale on blankets that lay on the ground.
The fox is Jemes Pottery made by Alice Celo from the Jemez Pueblo, NM.

This pendent was also made by a Native American and bought outside the palace.
I lost his card so no name to put to it.
The picture is of a thunderstorm.
There is lighting down the middle and rain is falling down on the land.

Several blocks from the main plaza in Santa Fe I encountered two young men from west Africa.
They were selling their paintings in the corner of a church yard. Their canvases were stacked on the ground and draped over a fence.
The canvas above was painted by Boubary Konseimbo.
This young man, like his painting, is pure energy.

This second painting was done by a quieter earthy young man
by the mane of Kader Boly.

Meeting these two artist was a highpoint on my trip.
I adored them both.
Now I have to get these two canvases framed!


  1. Great finds, Jill.
    I've been to Santa Fe and spent some time at the Gov. palace market.

  2. What an inspiring destination. Last time I was there, just happened to hit the big weekend art and craft fair in the square.

  3. nice goodies. I really love those paintings!

  4. When we were in Gallup, NM, we bought Hoppi Indian art work, etc. We even got to visit their village.