Sunday, August 7, 2011


This little piece  (5x5 inches) was moments ago submitted by email, to the Carnegie Science Center here in Pittsburgh. They partnered with Donkin' Donuts for an art contest.
The theme was Above and Beyond Your Imagination. You were to capture what is above and beyond the Earth.
My little painting ( their idea not mine) is of a paper airplane flying in space.
I called it Paper Airplane Daydream. When you send a paper airplane off you always have such high hopes that it will sail beyond any other paper airplane in the history of paper airplanes.

I really struggled with this piece. I'm still not sure if I like it.
But the deadline loomed. Today is the last day for entries and the sun is going down.

One of the things I have been trying very hard to do is make myself hit deadlines. Even if the piece isn't very good I turn it in.
I find it is so easy to just let my work slide. Oh, I'll do the next challenge or get back to that half finished piece later.

Not that I don't drop the ball.

My little pink house did make it into the Cloth Paper Scissors
Home Sweet Home Challenge. I found out right before I went on vacation. Then forgot all about it.
It was to be in their office last week.
It's still sitting in my living room.
I guess I be sending off an apology email tomorrow.


  1. good luck with the space challenge. I like it... it is fun!

  2. I like your painting and hope they do too. BTW, my wife read about you in GreenCraft magazine. We live in Cut & Shoot, Texas but used to live in your neck of the woods. We moved out of PA in 1979. We were just back for a visit and I drove through Renfrew. My wife grew up and her parents lived in the house at the intersection of Airport Rd, and Three degree road, beside the airport. Her Mom just passed away last year. You were almost neighbors.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations and good luck on the next challenge! Keep going with these great submissions!

  4. Seriously, you are an inspiration Jill! Good luck w/ Pgh, and congrats for CPS...again! I want to submit some stuff too and keep thinking nothing is good enough---oh, wrong attitude! ha! That's it, I need a deadline!! you're awesome!

  5. I like Paper Airplane Dream! I think you did a nice job on it and I really like how it makes you think about what you are trying to say. It's obvious, yet it isn't. My first thought was you were making a statement about recycling yet you discussed soaring paper airplanes. It has a child-like feel to it too that I do in my own work as well. Great job! Best of luck with it! :)