Friday, August 26, 2011

Crossing off the list

Summer is flying by. I decided to finish up several projects before school starts and life gets busy.
Last spring I bought a 4 ft. x 4 ft. canvas. The picture is a lower corner of the canvas. I wanted to do a large version of the bunnies magazine collages I made some time ago.

The rabbit represents all animals that have to adapted to our redefining of the world.
I plan to place the running rabbit in different environments created my man.
The collage background is made from old issues of Art in America.
( love the heavy paper and fab colors)

Like the Pink House I made for the Home Sweet Home challenge, the theme goes back to man invading green spaces.

I made the pink house to represent the home owner ideals in the John C. Melloncamp song,
Little pink houses for you and me....ain't that America....
The housing mortgage fiasco aside the other ugly side to home ownership is housing plans that are devouring farm land at a rapid rate. Land developers also drive up the price of land. It is becoming out of reach for  families to purchase working farms.
Yes, we need houses but older neighborhoods are being overlooked by perspective home owners.
Small colonials and split level housing plans from yesterday are not desirable.
( okay, split levels in hindsight may not have been a design keeper
but they get the job done)
As older neighborhoods fall out of fashion we expand into green space.
This week I purged my home of clutter. I was upset by the amount of stuff
It was taking up my time and ticking me off.
Prospective, a large part of the worlds population has one change of clothes and a pot to cook in..nothing else.
Lesson, if you live in America you have it made in the shade even if you live in a split level.


  1. Cool collage Jill. Appreciate your rant about human sprawl. Proud to say we live in a 1000 sq ft cottage, and we still have to much stuff. You are so right, we do have it made in the shade and then some! xox Corrine

  2. Congrats on all that productivity; but most of all - on getting rid of some clutter. It's amazing how it cleanses the mind as well. Enjoy the week!

  3. I have that very same image of the aqua building I got out of a magazine... I think nat geo. I like the coloration and layout you did for the piece very nice.