Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watercolor class II

Our last project was how to paint stormy skies. Our theme was lighthouses. Mine was hit by a UFO. Maria's studio is in Mars PA.
We were a bit pressed for time so most of the students planned on finishing their piece at home.

Maria's demonstration piece.
( I should have cropped this photo )

I believe this was Sue's.

Shelly's lighthouse.

Somehow I missed Cathy's painting.

Our first lesson was falling leaves. I didn't have my camera that day.
Here is mine.

These last posts have been a bit rushed.
Having a very busy summer.
This week I have to get  the details for our family vacation worked out.
My husband bought airline tickets and made a few hotel reservations. I need to get online and figure out the details.
We will be spending 9 days in the American west. New Mexico and the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.


  1. Hi Jill,

    Looks like a great watercolor class. I love your offbeat take on the traditional light house, it suits your sense of humor, but wonderful work and your leaves, that's surely something you know so much about with all your dyed paper. Family vacations sounds wonderful, nothing better than the Grand Canyon, it is awe inspiring. xox

  2. Happy holidays. You've worked hard and deserve some time to gather more photos and continue with your's going so well