Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Color Class

This is a painting from my first water color class where I learned how to use methods developed by Jeannie McGuire. I thought Jeannie was dropping by the class, no such luck, need to read my emails slower. The class was great, Maria  explained the technique so well.
I had trouble with paint flow. I used a set of Maria's water colors and they were like nothing I ever used before. The colors are so bold and bright.
A few things to point out. Notice the odd bits of color here and there? Neat idea. Then there are areas where we washed the painting with a white wash. That would be the right corner of the background and roof areas.
Maria invited me to sit in on this advanced class.
 Next month I'll take her beginners work shop.
Can't wait!

P.S.  Blogger still has issues with leaving comments. Try not checking the "stay signed in" box.
I will admit some days it just spins and nothing happens.


  1. Very nice. I like the blue. It looks as if someone is standing in the window up top! Does it have a sort of haunted feel to it, or an abandoned house maybe? The curtains look as if the windows are open and they are blowing in the wind. The bare tree in the background.
    Awesome branching out Jill!

  2. this is lovely, Jill! I love the dreamy quality of watercolors.

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  4. Glad you are enjoying this, you are always up for a challenge and growth which I think is fantastic. Love those blues, you are a blue gal aren't you! xox Corrine

  5. It was fun. Can't wait for next month too.