Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday my mailbox was stuffed with fabric swatches!
How did I get so lucky???
I entered the Cloth Paper Scissors Fabric Design/Swap Readers Challenge.
The challenge was to design a fabric, cut it into eight 9x9 blocks. The magazine keeps two and the remaining six are swapped with the other participants. One person wins the design challenge. The results will be in the July issue....I'm assuming.
As I opened my envelope I was so hoping for a swatch of Hannah's Doughnut fabric. Her blog Artist Holiday is listed at the side of this blog. Sadly it was not there. I did get one of my own fabrics back which was okay with me because I didn't have any left after I cut it up.

The striking fish swatch above was made by Cathy Tyler of Richmond VA. The fabric was hand dyed and the fish were silk screened with Jacquard Lumiere fabric paint. She hand drew the lily pads.
I plan on visiting Cathy's blog soon.

Jessica Loughrey used watered down acrylic paints to make this striking piece.It feels a bit like canvas but is still very flexible. Jessica has an esty store if you would like to see more of her work, I know I do.

This one makes me smile.
Mary Moya of Albuquerque New Mexico used soy wax resist and yellow dye to make her fabric. Can you guess what kind of stamp she used to make her design??
A potato masher!

I will be posting a parade of swatches this week so do drop by again soon.


  1. I like the spotty one. Looking back, I'm not surprised your May has gone fast! Congrats on your acceptences into not just one but 2 mags!

    Does dyeing soften brown paper? Must try it. Just made some little card bags with a tiny bit of fabric stitched on (I'll remember the name of my influence before I post about it) coz we ran out - my DH thinks i'm mad!

  2. Diggin' your swatches you received! I got mine yesterday as well. It's really cool to participant in these swaps! This is the exciting time to see who receives your work. I wished I had gotten a swatch of yours too! thanks Jill
    - hannah

  3. I'm so impressed with your stash of swatches... as well as your participation in these swaps! You have a wonderful spirit and energy.... it comes across in all you say and do! xo

  4. these are great! I was wishing I had done that!

  5. So cool, what will you be making with them? xox Corrine

  6. These look so great! I wanted to join that challenge- now i am really kicking myself! I look forward to seeing what you make.
    -Katie The red tin (still can't comment on yours w/ my google acct)