Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Swatches

Sharlene Wimpfheimer of Coon Rapids Mn, made this interesting fabric swatch. Sharlene painted a canvas like fabric then stenciled on the design with a gold paint. Here is the clever part, she cut the fabric into small squares and sewed it back together in a random fashion. The photo does not pick up the gold thread zigzag stitch used to sew the blocks together. It's a very cool swatch!

Now this swatch looks like it was made by someone who knows how to dye fabric!
It was made by Carol Parker Mittal. I'll just quote her description of how she made it since my experience with dyeing fabric stops at Rit powder dye and hot water.
" Cotton, dyed and over-dyed using low-water immersion techniques: discharge image created with hand-carved rubber stamp." Carol's words.
Hand-carved rubber stamp! Carol has talent in spades!!

I sent in two fabric designs ( 8 squares of each) and received 12 squares in the mail. No one gave their fabric a title. I gave both of mine a title, it was fun thinking them up!
I would name this swatch by Karen Cross, "Dreaming". The soft pastel colors are soothing. The fabric is a bit brighter than what you see in the photo.
Karen painted PFD fabric with Setacolor paint, then stamped, stenciled and splattered with Lumiere paint. (her words)
Karen and I are kindred spirtis. I love Lumiere paints. Heck, I love anything metallic and shiny.

More swatches tomorrow.

If you were wondering what the titles of my fabric were, wonder no more, Canon Hieroglyphics and Metallic Punch.


  1. Very nice swatches! It's so cool to see how far different artists take the challenge! Can't wait to see more... hannah

  2. Hey, check out "4 degrees of fabric swatches"!! I received a swatch from Jill at Prairie Dreams and she received a swatch from Sharlene! I look at your swatches and you received a swatch from Sharlene! This is way cool! Check it out!!!

  3. Oh how fun to follow these connections! Thanks for pointing it out, Hannah. (Hmm, I wonder if all of Sharlene's swatches went to people named "Jill"?!) The swatches are all beautiful.

    I looked back through your blog to see your swatches, Jill - they are amazing!! I particularly like your Canon heiroglyphics!

    Also just followed your link to Postcrossing - that looks really cool. I might just have to sign up for that!

  4. Love these swatches too, and I really love the new background you gave your blog! Bravo! xo

  5. man ... it took me a super long time to get this little box ... been missing you and blogger ... think I will ad a friend follow thingy if i can figure it out ... YOU have been super busy and to stay on top of blogger and their issues ... this link below ...

  6. wow! you sure got some neat stuff!!! jealous!