Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Pink Houses

"Little Pink Houses" for me and you. That's how the song goes anyway.
My house for the Cloth Paper Scissors Home Sweet Home reader  challenge has a personal message. Farm land around my rural home is disappearing. The lush fields are being turned into housing plans. Three farms clustered together were bought by three different developers. Two have houses and lots for sale. A Third has broken ground. Why I'm not sure since the other two can't sell what they have.

My Little Pink House is covered in news paper ads for real estate. I gave it a wash of pink paint and added pictures and words. A bit of  black and pink metallic paint were used as high lights.

The American dream of home ownership takes on an ugly face as more and more green space is consumed while older neighborhoods are abandoned and left to decay.

A lovely field.......never more.


  1. I love the house you created--and I'm with ya on the message too. It seems to be endless development...

  2. Great play on the house challenge....And yes, I hate to see those fields disappear to make way for one more development of McMansions as we call them.....Glad I live in a little house from the 1920's....xox Corrine

  3. And Jill gets serious on this challenge! But that's what makes these challenges work! To see how far we take the theme or idea. I loved how you were serious in your point and then painted it pink! You always have a surprise up your sleeve! Keep it up- hannah

  4. Hi Jill -- following you back! And thanks for you comment.
    As to more weaving info, one place to start is at my fiber hub at:

    If you're interested in making tapestry looms which I think is what you meant, go to the "great fiber links" and click on the one for Archie Brennan: I built my own pipe looms from his blueprint, all stuff you can get from the hardware store. I've made several sizes and still use them, though I didn't finally upgrade to the MIrrix tapestry loom. But the pipe looms are great, with tension adjustments, and might be better for chunkier weaving, if you're working with leather etc. Hope that helps!

  5. I heart your house, it's pink color and your message. You always inspire!

  6. Love the pink house and the message behind it. I saw that challenge in CPS, but didn't read about it. Now I think I'll go get it out and read it. I hope to see your little pink house in an upcoming issue if you send it in. :-)

    PS. I'm going to be singing that song in my head all night. lol