Monday, June 13, 2011

Country Girls

Last week's sweltering temperatures and suffocating humidity has cleared out. We are having blissfully cool  breezy days. On our morning horse outing we had to wear long sleeves. My sister has three horses and she is teaching all of our kids to ride.  I am the muscle and photographer. I snap memories and lug horse equipment. I'm not sure what this small log shelter is for, we were visiting a neighbor's horse riding ring that sits at the edge of my sister's property. With five kids and three horses my sister wanted everyone corralled in an area she could control.

Eva is on Sammy the pony and Chloe is on Delme an Arabian.

Chloe again, just because she is so cute.

No horses tomorrow. Except for Eva, who is going to a horse day camp at a local stable.
I'm taking a water color class with Maria.
Check out her blog,

She is having a special speaker/teacher,
Jeannie McGuire.
Check out her site, WOW!!

I'm so excited about the class.


  1. Growing up with horses are truly memories those girls will cherish! I too grew up with horses! Beautiful scenery... horse sketches in your future? :)

  2. Yeah for you!!! Sweet shots of the girls. We have a horse farm next to us, so I see them all the time, and a riding ring, and some mini donkeys too. Fun, but I am glad I don't have to pay for them. Dogs are expensive enough! xox Corrine

  3. Great horse and kiddie photos... reminds me of my daughter's riding days in Colorado and days spent at the barn...(better than the mall - of which there were none.)