Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where did May go???

Some how this month has slipped right past me. We finally had a nice weekend and I spent it dyeing brown paper bags. I can't stop myself. They are an inexpensive medium to work with and I like the weight of them. Thicker than paper and stiffer than fabric.

Blogger and I are at odds. I can't seem to leave comments on other blogs. When I try it has me sign in again, then again and again. It just goes in circles.

I made several costumes for a play Eva will be in on Thursday.
I hope to post pictures of my paper bag costumes. Eva is one of eight miners in the play Geology Rocks. I made Eva's costume. After seeing it her teacher wanted more...or so Eva says. I had one night to whip 7 costumes together. I made 4 aprons, 3 vests and six head lamps. Not to sure about the head lamps...they were a bit sad. Now I'm waiting for Eva to come home from school and tell if the costumes were a hit or not. ( There is a chance the teacher really didn't want me to make them, Eva gets carried away..she has a big heart)


  1. Dervish as usual. What a sweet thing to make all those costumes! Sorry about the blogger woes....xox Corrine

  2. I just saw this, and thought "wait...did I just post w/ this very title?" hahaha! see ya soon!