Monday, May 2, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012

Just got my sketchbook for next years tour. The badge for Sketchbook Project 2011 on my blog will take you to where you need to be for the 2012 tour.
They have added cities to next years tour.
Toronto, JC and Collette may want to join this year.
Emma, they will be in London!
Melbourne Australia is also on the list.
I don't think they are taking all the books across the pond, just the artist from those countries.
I think there are around 29,000 sketchbooks on tour right now.

The books are a little different this year. They are 5x7 inches. The paper is heavier, no mole skin.
Sign ups run thur Oct. 31st.
Send finished book back by Jan. 31, 2012
Tour Starts April 2012

While at the Art House Co-op site you can check out other projects they have going on. There is also a place for artist to showcase their work.

I belong to a group of artist from Pittsburgh who banned together and have a Face Book page for the Sketchbook Project. Some are not so happy about their books not being checked out. Each book has a bar code and you are notified via email when your sketchbook is checked out and viewed. Most of us have had our books looked at once and a very few twice. With so many sketchbooks on tour not sosurprising. Maybe with the tour being split next year will be better. And there is still a long way to go before the 2011 tour ends.

My sketchbook has been viewed twice. But for me it was the fun I had in making it. I worked on my book with my friend Lynn and we met several artist in our area because of the project. It was fun to post my work on this blog and check in on other bloggers who were also doing the project.
If you sign up, and please do, do it for the fun of it!

P.S. You pick a theme as a "jumping off point" as they say.
Mine is Transatlantic.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Sketchbook Project coming to Toronto. Your enthusiasm and involvement with group projects really inspires me, and I'm not sure I have the discipline to go the distance....I'll look into it though. xo

  2. Cool, this will be fun to watch your progress. Last year's was so good. xox Corrine

  3. I need to get signed up too soon! Last year I waited waaaay too long and rushed my pages. I want to have the time to do it right. We're going to see the tour in June in Seattle. I can't wait!