Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Here!

The May/June issue of Paper Cloth Scissors is out!
I'm on page 22!

I made the Pixie Dress for their Stencil Garden Challenge. Since I missed the bit in the rules about entries needing to fit in a 10x10 box I was booted from the challenge. Thankfully they liked the dress and moved me to the Muse Flash section. Considering the number of hours I spent making the dress I'm so thankful that in the end it got published.

At the moment I'm working on CPS wire challenge. It's coming together but needs something....
The deadline for this challenge is May 2nd.
I think Hannah at Artist Holiday is also doing the challenge. Anyone else?

The rain just keeps coming down. Everyone here in western PA is ready to jump out of our skins. We need a change. I'll spare you all the moaning about mud.
This morning the sun put in an appearance.

To sunny days, Cheers!


  1. I got my issue yesterday afternoon and started looking right away for that awesome pixie dress! Great job Jill on the piece and the photo- It looks great! Congrats!!!

    And the wire challenge is well quite a challenge- But I am, of course, taking a whimsical approach!
    And it's raining here too....

  2. Congratulations! I'm so excited for your success at being published. Who could resist such a sweet pixie dress?! xo

  3. Congratulations! This is awesome and deserving too.

  4. Congrats, I saw it as you know, soooooo exciting. xox Corrine

  5. Wow, just saw you on the Quilting Daily newsletter - no credit but hey,I knew it was yours! So exciting, can't wait till my copy arrives. Thank goodness they put you somewhere else, maybe even a better position?

    Love your bunnies. Stand back from the wire, it will come!

  6. look at you go Jill! I got my issue this week and sai "Wait a minut, that's Jill!" I am so excited for you. What a cute little dress!! xo

  7. Congratulations ... you know I love the pixie dress!