Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm still here just not doing much. I think, well I know, it's the weather. We have had only two or three days of nice sunny weather. You know, the kind were you can open up you house and let the fresh air and light in. Today is more gloom and rain. The good news is there are colorful buds dotting the trees and the grass is Easter green! COLOR! It's been brown and grey for so long.

I have a big wire mess going on for the newest CPS challenge. It's a very half hearted effort.
And I've been making more bunny pictures out of magazines.

None are finished. I hope to work on them over Easter. I have five days off work!!
This morning I made myself sort out  part of the mountain of clutter that is my work space.
Here's hoping I hop on an art binge very soon.


  1. Bunnies are good and you know how they like to multiply. Sorting out the craft space, ah, another task on the list. xox Corrine

  2. great bunny pics ...happy Easter ....xx

  3. sending some Tennessee Spring your way RIGHT NOW!

  4. I am loving your bunnies! Especially the sentiment of 'hope'. We're enjoying one day of instant summer in between all the rain and gloom. I hope the warmth made it to you as well. Happy Easter! xoxo