Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spilling Over

This month's Sketch Book Challenge theme is "spilling over".
I have been doing scenes from movies. The movie I picked is Inkheart. I couldn't find a scene in the movie to sketch. I am a fan of this series of books so I decided to kind of wing it.

The top left corner is the book Inkheart. In the book certain people can read books and have objects, animals or people come out of the book. My sketch is of what "spilled over" out of the book.
Not crazy about the sketch, may try again.
I had other ideas but punked out, made it easier.

( someone called Corrine a punk in her comments, tickled me, stayed with me..punk..funny)

Off to tackle Eva's science fair project....maybe.


  1. so it was 72 degrees in Tennessee today and we got out the lawn mower ... I love the title of this post!

  2. Wasn't that a great book/movie. I love near the end wheneverything is collapsing into dust at the castle. And how the author wanted to live inside the book beause life was more exciting there. Remember we used to call those little bug repellant sticks punks, maybe that's where the term came from... rather thanthe high school toughies. I like your sketch, you are so good at taking up the challenges. xox Corrine