Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in the studio

With the concert behinde me I finally got back into my studio. Eva had been at work in there sooo, had a few things to clean up. And questions like "how did she get ink way up there?" The kid's a marvel!

To easy into things I worked on mail art. This bunny was mailed out this morning to Millicent. She sent me the bundle of fun a few weeks ago. I really like how it turned out.  The back ground is heavey weigh paper. I colord the sky with water solublible crayons. The bunny is also white paper. The rest is magazine pages and Dove chocolate foil wrappers.

This piece is a postcard. Sent it off to FL this morning. It's magazine pages, a postcard from the Bahama's a friend sent me a few days ago. We enjoyed the card for several days now someone else will have a chance to admire it. Love those yellow fish!

Having computer problems. I picked up virus some place. Today I'm posting from my mom's computer. It's not liking Blogger much. Not sure how this will publish.

One more day until "The Green Art Show" !!!


  1. Love the post cards, I've got some mail art to do tonight too!!!! The bunny card is wonderful with the blue! xox Corrine

  2. thanks Corrine. the bunny looks much better in person. the computer I posted on didn't have a good photo program. I fought blogger for an hour to make this when I see all my many more than usual. need my computer fixed!!..then again maybe I'll get more art made without it!

  3. Good girl for staying with the computer glitch frustration. I usually walk away and post another day. Love the use of wrappers in your background!

  4. here's hopeN you get that computer fixed but the bunny looks awesome from my end and so does that recycled daze postcard ... more awesomeness from yoU!