Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Around We Go

Okay, so I thought I would submit one of my paper bag flags to Green Craft magazine. The deadline is March 15th. Nothing was going right. I bought the wrong paint, the news paper is now using a thinner paper and the list of things that went wrong goes on.
After all the frustration I decided to skip it, cut myself some slack. Well Tuesday morning I bounced out of bed ( I'm a morning person what can I say)  and decided I was going to knock out one of my flags that night and mail it the next day.
As I am gathering up my supplies I notice the pile of  strangely familiar post cards sitting on my kitchen bar. I had received them in the mail the day before from Misty whom I swap mail art.

As I start work on my flag I decide to not follow my old pattern and go in another direction. So clean slate. I thought I would add the patriotic postcards. As I'm working my brain is turning.......

Then a little something starts to take shape. Those familiar....
The Corrine who is purging her home and studio as you read my post. The Corrine who also swaps mail art with Misty.
Are you following me?
I sent them to Corrine, she sent them to Misty who then sent them back to me.
( A lot of miles on those cards!)
I got them back just in the nick of time! They saved my project.

I did get the flag mailed on Wednesday. I had to go to the store after work and buy packing tape and grommets. I finished the flag and packed it up in the JoAnn Fabric parking lot.
Happy to report that it's on its way to California.

Find Misty & Corrine in my followers. Click their pictures and find their blog info.

There is the chance I have those same postcards packed away somewhere??
Fat chance, I think we passed them around!
Ladies??? What says you?


  1. Honestly, I dont remember where I got those cards! I don't think it was from Corrine...perhaps from someone else in the swapping circle? Haha. Either way that is totally awesome and I love the flag. Such a cute idea!

  2. Sounds like a case of what goes around come around...haha! But I love your flag!

  3. From one morning person to another.....thanks for thinking of me and Misty, but those post cards never came to me. I still love your flag idea
    and am still using bits of your dyed kraft in my projects. I love how you jump right in to these projects and have the knack for coming up with fab ideas that are getting published over and over. I still look at your bird every day that hangs in my cubby and cheers me up. xox Corrine

  4. Great flag, reminds me of your lovely birthday postcard to me ;)Wonder where the cards came from, you'll maybe never know!

  5. I MUST still have these cards someplace. my grandma saved everything and a travel/tourist booket stashed in a drawer for 30 years is how she rolled. I know I have seen that yellow cover before! dang what good story blown to hell!

  6. No worries Jill- the point is you made a deadline! What are the words on the flag? I just love the crickle effect of paint on that paper.

  7. I think it's still a good story. : )

  8. I just read a quote that more or less said that inspiration meets us in the process or the doing of the work ... congrats on meeting your deadline despite the roadblocks ... OH, and i love the FLAG

  9. That cracks me up that you got the postcards my mail art stash grows I wonder if some day I could do the same!
    Love our rabbits too! xo