Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Blues or Hearts are Wild

Winter seems to be here to stay, no end in sight. Cabin fever is making it's rounds at my house. I seem to be on a heart kick. It is February. I'm working on another scarf.
I have a habit of buying fabrics off clearance tables. At the time I am overjoyed with the treasure I found at a fabulous price. It's not until some distant day in the future that I wonder what the fabric is and
 how do you wash it???

I did read a tip in a magazine that would be helpful. This woman in the article kept a notebook in her purse and wrote down the info on the bolt of fabric. Then when she got home she would glue a piece of the fabric into said notebook. ( overachiever)

As of yet I have not implemented this procedure.
So, I have no idea what the heck kind of fabric my scarf is made out of. It looks a bit like suede but has some stretch. Oh well, a little mystery in life is good.

Eva is attending a birthday party tonight at an art studio. Not sure who is more excited her or me. I've never heard of this place and can't wait to meet the woman who owns it. She has an Etsy store to boot!
Keep warm and think spring!


  1. Way to organized for me but a fabric notebook would make sense. You are having fun with your hearts. Hope you find a great new studio artist to play with and that Eva had a fun time. xox Corrine ps more snow on the way today.......urgh!

  2. there is one of those studio Art places in my town ... parties start at $28 per person ... I love your hearts and yet this winter continues like it's a long hot summer.

  3. It was so nice to meet your daughter and you. I am happy to meet another local artist and blogger. It will be nice to share ideas...