Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

Today is the big day, the Evans City Elementary School's Valentine's Day Party. And this is Eva's Valentine's Box, well bowl. After the party it will be our dogs new water bowl. This is our third time using this theme. The first time my daughter Chloe used a (new) dog bowl filled with candy hearts and Snoopy was propped again the bowl. Eva used this idea in first grade with candy as kibble and a small dog inside the bowl. But here we are in 2011 and candy is a banned substance in our school district. Today Eva will pass out cards and pencils to her classmates.

Our cats are quite sweet. The plan, I thought, was to take not so nice pictures of the cats and then paint in tongues. Like they are sticking their tongues out at the dogs. But Eva changed her mind. Just like the bowl with a stuffed dog was enough for the party until she got home from school yesterday and started pulling out boxes half her size with the hope of expanding her Valentine's box. After an evening of,"we have one night to get this done"   and " how are you going to carry that on the bus?" this is where we ended up.
I have three more years of Valentine's Day boxes a head of me. I can do this.....

I would also like to wish my dear friend Marge Happy Birthday!
She is not an official follower but after I post things like--I ran my dog over,  the washing machine flooded my house or I got publish, I get a phone call from Marge.
Marge your the best!


  1. You ran the dog over, the washing machine flooded the house, where did I miss this? Hope it was a while ago and everything is okay.....Cat hearts are so sweet, love that and of course in my house, the dog bones would go over so well, if only they were real ones. No candy hearts, haven't we gone too far in being PC....glad I was in grade school in the 60's.....xox Corrine

  2. ran the dog over in July...washing machine a few months ago. I had to get a job to pay the vet bills. I backed over Zeus in the driveway. ruptured his bladder. easy to fix and they heal quick...just cost $4,000! guilt! I paid up.

  3. This is a cute idea. Too bad on the no candy thing! Maybe the kids will get desparate and eat milkbones. ha! Glad your dog is okay. If it makes you feel any better my Dad once ran over our cat-it was not so lucky.

  4. Crikey, glad Zeus is now ok. I am very wary when i back out of the drive with the car as our 10 month old cat dashed out behind my husbands car not long back and I held my breath, but he missed him. Anyway, love the candy idea as being a banned substance, excellent way of putting it. My daughter went to her first Valentines disco this evening. A boy in her class bought her three rose (made of very thin wood, they are lovely) it was all in aid of rasing funds for the school. She is only 8 and I thought I had a few more years before I was going to play taxi driver on a friday night!

  5. very cute theme idea! i can't believe your school has banned candy for valentine's day. the note that came home with the girls with the kids names on it said "please send a friendly note to each child in the class. sweet treats welcome." 31 kids in their class...we just finished up their valentine's this morning.