Monday, February 21, 2011

Recycled Day

I'm reveling in recycled gifts. Millicent from Washington state sent me some fabulous mail art. She also sent a mix of paper goodies for me to play with. Opening this bundle of fun had me laughing out loud. Millicent, thank you for picking my name at good-mail-day, I'm honored.
( Judging by her mail, I'd say her husband has his hands full with this one!)

My friend Lynn emailed  me a few pictures from her art journal.

She used the dyed paper bag I wrapped around a gift I sent her in the mail on this journal page.
So, the bag was first used by a bakery, then by me as wrapping paper and now it's in an art journal.
I love that!!!!!

Update on the Cloth Paper Scissors Garden Stencil Challenge. It turns out that the pixie dress was much larger than the other  entries. They want to move the dress to the Muse Flash section of the magazine.
Now I need to send a high resolution picture of the dress. They have the dress so I had to send the one I took outdoors for my blog. Kind of wishing I had a different picture. Anyway I think my husband figured out how to turn my low resolution into a high resolution picture. I emailed it, cross your fingers it's what they want.

Today is a holiday, no school and no work for me!
I have been dyeing fabric and now have 4 pieces of fabric designed for the CPA Design Your Own Fabric Challenge. Once I start dyeing I can't stop. My mom is making a run to a quilt shop for me at the end of the week. I need more pfd fabric. ( I can't stop myself)
I'm not sure how many I will send in, most likely two. I'm having fun and I see lots of pixie dresses in my future.


  1. Hi jill! I didn't know you do Good mail day too. I feel like all my interests connect with some being one!
    I took a fabric dyeing class last year and loved it- want to do more with resists. Oh no, I am starting to overload myself with projects! Can I take a month off?!

  2. Good mail for you. Loved my blue hearts, thanks. Exciting about your pixie dress....want to see it big as life in CPS. xox Corrine