Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Toys

The new issue of Art in America didn't get much reading. I was more inspired to cut it up and make postcards.

The next reader challenge in Cloth Paper Scissors is a fabric swatch exchange. You design the fabric, send them eight 9"x9" squares. The magazine keeps two and six are swapped with other participants. So you get back six squares. Imagine what six fellow arts squares will look like! Actually I can't image because anything goes for this exchange. I'm looking forward to the surprise.

The reader challenges really appeal to me. They have me trying new things and thinking in different directions. I bought new ( to me) art supplies.  First up, a make your own rubber stamp kit. The kit has a piece of rubber to carve, a carving tool with two sizes of points and a page of helpful tips. 

I also bought an eight pack of liquid fabric paint. These paints are said to dry soft, won't make the fabric stiff.
This set is metallic!
I also have a collection of Rit dyes.
Bring on the pfd fabric!

To Hannah from yesterdays comment:
You must be psychic, I have the "rose" color too. And thanks for the opposites comment. I have been stumped on that challenge. You got the gears turning. As for sports, I don't follow them. The Steelers thing is just the hoopla going on around me. I mean I could not escape it. Eva's school even had a pep rally in the cafeteria last Friday. My co-works dressed in black and gold for weeks, even had betting pools. Pittsburgh is also a big hockey town...baseball not so much. Our team is SO bad.


  1. You are too funny! By the way, loved the 80's lyric's on my blog. I had that song stuck in my head the rest of the day! Still singing it actually...
    Ya know, I have been a little stumped on this sketchbook challenge as well. So, when I saw your hearts it struck me and got my wheels turning in a "reflections"-opposites kind of way. And I did my first cloth for the fabric swatch, not sure yet if it's "the one". take care-

  2. Great new toys.....you will have fun designing a fabric. It's great to have different ways to get the juice going isn't it! xox Corrine

  3. I Love your sense of adventure where trying new challenges and mediums is concerned. I can't wait to see your fabric swatches! xoxo

  4. Hey there! just found you thru dosfishes and good mail day recently! I am also a lover of mail and making postcards! See you around soon! I'll stop in again.

  5. Look forward to seeing what you do with these new goodies .......x