Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mail Call

Making postcards is about all I can accomplish lately. They are quick to make, easy to mail and you feel good after you drop it into the mailbox.
The first card is a birthday wish to my friend Cara. She and her husband are theater people, show biz in their blood. I think she will the this dramatic card made from magazine pages.

Eva and I made this set. A few months ago we tried out a new set of inks on a large piece of paper. Of course I kept our experiment. Last night I gave it an orange ink wash allover. Then I cut the paper into postcard size blocks.

This sweet card found it's way into my mailbox. It's from Corrine at
It's a bit out of focus here.
This card makes me smile!

My last card was sent out to a Postcrossing member.
Most of these members are postcard collectors and not so interested in mail art.

Corrine steered me toward  for mail art swaps.

For those who like snail mail you may want to click "confessions of a pen thief" blog. This blog is fun and often has interesting postal facts and oddities.

This morning my friend Lynn told me about
I made a quick stop. Seems like a place for lots of art swap groups to post. Will go back and check it out. Stay tuned for a more informed report.


  1. I clicked over to see what you have been up to and you are 1 super busy girlie ... I love the heart stuff and the drive in and the post cards!

  2. I usually save my watercolors that I didn't turn out so well hoping to use them in a collage or something. I like your postcard projects. You have so many ideas to share. Love them.

  3. Love the Pollock thing you guys have going on up there! And another "opposites" with the 2 figures in the top one! I have been doing postcards as well! Circles mainly of course! I think the immediate gradification of doing quick art pieces can tide us over for another day....

  4. I agree with you about postcards. They're fun and quick and distracting when you need distraction!

    Colette xo