Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's on Your Work Table?

As I was blog hopping I came across an interesting question. What's on your work table? The discussion seemed to be for people!
My mom made me this apron for Christmas. With any hope the bright colors will lead rescuers to my body which disappeared under the piles of questionable treasure I collect. I fear there is some truth in this scenario.

Warning: Only the brave read on. My work space pictures are not for the neat and tidy.

I actually cleaned up some so I could get some work done. I'm working on Cloth Paper Scissors challenge here. And Eva moved her toy sewing machine in and she has a project going on.

Under the dyed paper bags sits a tapestry loom I hope to use soon.
( If anyone knows how to use it, HELP, SOS, give me tips)

Now here are my "go to" supplies. One tub contains magazines, Art In America is by far my favorite. Cool art, fab colors and heavy paper pages. The other tub is issue paper.

These shelves are 6 feet long. They are filled with paints, inks, sealers,
 do-dads, flower press,...
on and on I could go. You name it, I probably have it.

No plans to reform or clean up for the New Year.
I'm a hoarder and as long as I never live alone all should be good. My husband tosses things out while I close my eyes...Darrol to my rescue!


  1. I am glad your Mom made such a bright apron so you will be found. I feel so much better about my messy cubby. I only clean when the work area shrinks to about 12x12. So funny! xox Corrine

  2. Happy New Year! I too can function in chaos, so no apologies needed. I suspect it's easier to find inspiration for the next project in you workspace.
    Have a creative 2011. xoxo

  3. My chaos is even more chaotic. I really have to do something about it soon.......

    Happy new year!

  4. Go Girl ..hoarders UNITE .....YAY it ....xx

  5. Lovely mess. Looks a little like mine only better.