Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sketch book page

My second sketch book page for the Sketch Book Challenge
  "highly prized" theme.
I am a very visual person, no surprise there I suppose. Good cinematography is a feast for the eyes. One of my favorite film genera is Chinese art house films. My sketch is from the opening scene of Hero. The camera flashes back and forth between black horse legs against white background,  a color shot of mountains and plain, then a shot of the black banners the horsemen are carrying against a white sky. The whole time you hear the sound of thundering pounding hooves as the army marches forward.
My sketch is of the banners the horsemen carried. They filled the entire screen with black and white contrast, it's very dramatic.
Another film I recommend for the incredibly beautiful visuals is
House of the Flying Daggers.
This movies is about a love triangle with a tragic ending that takes place in a breathtaking setting.
A feast for the eye is highly prized indeed.


  1. Great theme to think about. Now I know a little bit more about you! Love your banners....what a great interpretation...xox Corrine

  2. Haven't seen the film but I love the black & white.

  3. Sounds like I should get out the box of tissues ... I will check out House of the Flying Daggers

  4. When I first opened your blog before reading your paragraph, I thought this was going to be a new sketch for another dress you were starting! You know I love abstract and I see all sorts of abstract elements you could take from this and apply to your dresses or atc's or any artwork in general. I just love how we all have such varieties in where we find our inspirations!