Monday, January 3, 2011

Lost & Found

I have been searching for a piece of cheese cloth that I dyed green. I know it exists because I have a picture of it on my August 13th post. Where it is, is a mystery. ( big eye roll from husband)
During my search I uncovered forgotten --maybe lost--treasures.
Red jiggle bells. I looked for small red jiggle bells in December. The stores were sold out. Here I had them all along, @#%$#@**&, drat!!!
I also found my small thread cutters, forgot I owned them.
Lastly, I found Japanese needle work called???? I have forgotten. A very kind woman from some guild at a quilt show explained what it was and how to do it. Something about one continuing running stitch. If anyone knows the details drop me a line.

I believe they work on white fabric and use blue thread or switch it around, blue fabric with white thread. I might be making that bit up.

I was given several patterns to transfer on to my own fabric. The woman was so very helpful and nice. Seems to have been wasted on me.

Happy to have found the Japanese needle work. We now have Netflix streaming into our Wii. My family have been movie zombies for the last week. Some hand sewing while the movies play on and on will be good. Plus if my hands are busy I can't be blamed for loosing one of the remote controls!
( can get ugly!)


  1. Is it Kantha embroidery - just clutching at straws and faint memories here.

  2. Isn't it scary when stuff shows up you don't even remember you had. Bad sign all around. I do it too. Which is why I am going to de-stash this year...some of it may come your way, you never know. xox Corrine

  3. I love that when you are looking for something you find all sorts of other stuff ..thats the fun of hoarding ........xx

  4. Congratulations on the find ... I had to buy more glue sticks over the holiday and yesterday I found the secret tub of love stick, in a file drawer ... Why we wonder.

  5. Sashiko I think!
    Very therapeutic