Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heart Dress

Thanks to my husband taking on the domestic role in our home I was able to finish this pixie dress wall hanging. On my last post there were a few comments about it looking like an "Alice" dress. I can see it!
The true inspiration was the French Revolution. While working on the dress I had Coldplay's Viva La Vida in the CD player.
The first pixie dress was created while listening to The Lord of the Rings. The nine CD long tale was read by actors, complete with sound effects, for a radio show. I listened the whole way through two times before the dress was finished. Not sure how many plays Viva La Vida got but I can safely say it was more than twice.

The skirt is made of leaves I used in a Halloween themed store window.
So glad I saved them!
I knew I would need them at some point. (big eye roll from husband)

FYI, I've given up decorating store windows for the moment. Window decorating grew and expanded my creativity but the time vs financial gains were to far apart. I'm VERY thankful for the experience. And you never know, I might give it another whirl sometime down the road.

Okay, back to the dress. The neckline trim  is made out of a strip of fake fur, old buttons and beads. I think  new pictures in natural lighting are needed. Glad to have finished.
I have a free day start my next project!

Eva and my eye rolling husband Darrol. I hit the jackpot with this one folks.
He's a keeper!


  1. Oh, how I'm laughing, it's been a while since I thought of a bit of hemp, other than seeds for my muesli! No, its an Acer palmatum, or something leaf, a maple! My mother has a sheltered garden & lets me pick & press the stunning leaves. I shall be chortling to myself all day which will get me thru work nicely!

    Lovely dress. 2 x 9 CD's? I see what you mean about time versus remuneration!

  2. What a great pic of the family. The pixie dress and Lord of the Rings, yes, I see the mood now. DH can eye roll all he wants as long as he doesn't de-stash your stash. xox Corrine

  3. You are on such a roll with your pixie dresses!! I love that you're sharing your musical inspiration along the way as well. I heartily approve of your picks, and I can't wait to see this collection unfold. xoxo

  4. SWEET! I wholeheartedly concur with jc! The inspiration behind the projects is as interesting as the piece itself. You have me wondering what will inspire the next pixie dress... Hmmm...