Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Project

I am taking on another Sketch book project. Click on the Sketch Book Challenge badge on my blog for details. You sketch one to three sketches, any medium, once a month. The site gives you a theme. There are prizes! Post your work on your blog or Flikr. It's a chance to try out new art supplies and go in a different direction, get out of a rut or comfort zone.
I'm not happy unless I have several projects going on. The down side is I don't focus and progress in one direction. Which is okay but I have this nagging empty Etsy store.

In the end keeping myself busy with art projects makes me happy!

( Also tunes out Eva's repeated request for a hamster. With two dogs and two cats in a small house a hamster would cause a riot! She would think a riot would be great fun. I'm SO on to her)


  1. Glad you are pushing the comfort zone. Hamster dreams eh - At one time we had 5 guinea pigs and 2 beagles, you can imagine the chaos.....two dogs and two cats is pretty great. Enjoy playing, sounds like you are. xox Corrine

  2. I have that exact book! Love it. My girls have one too. Good luck with your challenge! We have two dogs and two cats as well...and the girls keep asking for a guinea pig. Not going there just yet!

  3. I am going to actually take of the clear plastic covering and hve a look at the thikness of the paper.
    Thank you for visiting.

  4. I am going to attempt this challenge too! I know what you mean about the etsy store, I am trying to push myself to figure out new things to sell. It's tough out there! Let's keep that freshness of the new year kicking into next December -hannah

  5. I felt so much better knowing that your Etsy needs attention too.... I just suck at that part. As for that matter, sketching isn't a strong suit either. You inspire me with your challenge.

  6. I was delighted when i discovered you don't have to actually sketch, anything goes it seems....just a few pages of the other sketchbook to go, first...I'm running!

    Happy new year!