Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Eco friendly vodka!
( another reason to drink during the holidays?)
I needed a bottle of vodka for a party and while reaching for the Gray Goose I spotted this bottle of 360 Vodka. The labels are made with 100% recycled paper and the bottle is 85% recycled glass. And the vodka distillery employs CO2 capturing technology. Okay, not sure how much CO2 vodka making creates but it's a good marketing angle.
The good people at 360 also provide a postage paid envelope to return the cap and wire lid.
I have also seen eco friendly wines.
Next time your in a liquor store you might want to read the  labels, never know what you'll find.


  1. So cool, thanks for the tip! Hope it tastes as good as the bottle looks. xox Corrine

  2. This is lovely, I might even be persuaded to buy one! I do like the leafy white label on a bottle of ruby Port & the heavy foil around the neck of some wine bottles tho.

    Enjoy the holidays despite all the stresses & strains ;)

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I fell asleep at the computer on that last post .... but I'm starting with the low notes of 2010 so I can end on a High note ... then I'll be so much closer to HIM!