Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Looks like we will have a white Christmas here in PA. Snow, wind and cold temps have me wanting to stay home and cook comfort foods. I think today we are having ham and scallop potatoes for dinner. That's the plan-- just not sure who will be cooking tonight???

Over the weekend I was at my friend Christine's annual Christmas party. She is kind enough to round up some of our childhood friends. This year was my 25 th high school reunion.  A milestone that has us all on Face Book reconnecting. The group at the Christmas party has managed to stay connected over the years through distance, jobs, raising kids and health issues. Somehow all of life's trails has not caused us to drift apart.

Christine is the one standing and Marge is seated beside me.
I didn't get my camera out until the end of the party and several people had slipped away by then.

Party food, friends and alcohol still did not get me in the Christmas spirit.
But I think Eva cracked my bah humbug shell.
A few days ago she made Christmas cards with my husband. I have been to busy to really look at them. ( shame on me) Last night as I was moving them out of my way I read them. The cards are hearts that say,  "I love you, Merry Christmas Eva." She then told me she plans to pass them out at my mom's Christmas Eve party.

Keep warm because, "Baby it's cold outside!"


  1. Ho HO Ho! Haha....kindred spirit! Stay warm Jill. xoxo

  2. The kids always bring you right back to what is important don't they, great post. xox Corrine