Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been slaving away over my sketchbook. Sunday I travel to Lawrenceville, PA for a gathering of fellow Sketchbook Project 2011 artist. Very excited to see everyone's work. Mine is not done and I won't be alone on that score. Our host Kitty is on her third book, ....overachiever!
My theme is a record year for rainfall. I used mainly tissue paper, magazine pages, a little paint and a lot of Collage Podge. Three messages fill my book: The rain came down, the plants grew and the bugs multiplied.
I still have several pages to fill will flood water, a jungle of plants and hoards of bugs.

                                                           UFO, laugh every time I see it!

Real bug wings we collected over the summer.
Birds or cats had gotten to them first, no need to call PETA.

Taking my camera to Sunday's event. Hope to have lots to show and tell.
( Show and Tell is the name of the Face book page and event )


  1. Awesome pages!! I love the night scenes. Are those sewing lines on the edges? Great work!! You'll feel such an accomplishment when it's done.

  2. You are so way ahead of me and I am inspired by your whimsical pages. Mine is stalled in half done way. Glad to be back, hope you had fun with your group. xox Corrine

  3. Your sketch book is wonderful! ... I have a few I'm supposed 2 be working on !