Sunday, October 3, 2010


I did it! I opened a store on Etsy!
So far I only listed the four pumpkins I have posted here. I had no idea how to price them. Heck, I have no idea how Etsy works for sure. Just took the plunge.

All the pumpkins are made out of dyed paper bags.
This one is woven.

Only parts of the body are woven here.

I named my shop Recycled Daze but I think the address is Jilleudaly.
This all just minutes new to me. The store is bare bone not unlike my blog.
If the police came to my house right now they would be scratching the their heads. Was the house ransacked or bombed???? All they would get out of me is "I'm on Etsy!"


  1. Congratulations!!! those pumpkins look amazing.
    Now all you have to do is put a link to your etsy shop right here on your blog.


  2. The pumpkins are wonderful. Glad you took the plunge, someday I will too, if I ever get around to doing one thing more than once. Now you need one of those snazzie etsy badges for your blog! xox Corrine

  3. Yay! Kudos on your grand opening on Etsy! Nice timing with your pumpkins!