Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sketchbook Project

Today was a big day in Sketchbook 2011 world. First off, I finished this page. My dog Chow Wow is dealing with my theme "A Record Year for Rainfall". The page is done in my usual recycled materials, paper bag, tissue paper and magazine pages.

I was also asked to join the group Sketchbook 2011 Show & Tell. A group of fellow participant from the Pittsburgh area formed a group on Face Book. In November we are going to meet and have an up close look at each others sketchbooks before we mail them back to the Art House Co-op.

I also visited my friend Lynn today. We worked on our sketchbooks at her dinning room table.( It was a good afternoon.) I had planned to ask her to let me take photos of her sketchbook but I forgot. We did both get out our cameras. No sketchbook photos. Instead we took pictures of an old school house that sits at the end of her driveway. I hope to visit her again next week so there is still hope for a few shots of her work landing on my blog.

Here are two pictures that show a bit of the school house.

One last thing, Happy Birthday Darrol.
You make me smile like the sun, fall out bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head,
spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.........Oh, you make me smile.
Smile,  by Uncle Kracker


  1. Sweet page, this Sketchbook project is fun, nice to have friends to work on it with. xox Corrine

  2. "A record year of rainfall" I love when HE ZINGs us, what a beautiful schoolhouse!

  3. Lovely page, i need to get going with mine!

    You've been taking some nice walks in your own heavenly places! Great little tractor;)