Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm at it again!

My first two days of freedom ( Eva in school!) I spent dyeing more bags. The picture does not do justice to how wonderful and rich the colors turned out. I actually did about a dozen more but have used them in a few projects. Right now I' making fall leaves out of the bags for a store window. I'm also working on  projects to stock an Etsy store.

The grand plan is to install the store window for an Oktoberfest and launch the Esty store at the same time. There will be a large amount of foot traffic past the window during the festival. I'll have a large sign in the window announcing the shop opening along side some of my art work. This week I have a friend taking a few of my piece to her office for a test run. On Wednesdays they have an informal market place at lunch time. Basically the customers will be company workers. As anyone who sells hand made items knows getting the price of your time out of the work is not always easy. Crossing my fingers!

Next week some of my work will be displayed in another office. This office is serviced based and clients are in and out all day. I will be able to  put up a sign explaining that I work in recycled materials.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. The next few weeks my blog may become neglected but stay tuned!  My target date for the store launch is around September 16th.
Lots to do, I'll keep you posted ! 


  1. These bags are so rich and wonderful. Can't wait to see the store window with your leaves, please take lots of pics and share with us....Exciting stuff. xox Corrine

  2. YOu are on a roll!!Can't wait to see your leaves and your Etsy shop too.