Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Plans

You have probably heard it said," To make God laugh tell him your plans." Well to say I've had a rocky time of it lately is a matter of perspective. My husbands grandma died, I had  plumbing issues and had several rooms flooded in my home. The cause was my washing machine which is now out of service so I'm lugging the wash to a laundry matte. And my husband is dropping  hints to get a job.

It's been a struggle to get an art done or set up an Etsy store but.... my husband's family got to spend a few loving memorable days in the hospital with grandma before she left us. She was a character up to the end. A few days before my house flooded I was thinking about gutting part of my laundry room and making a studio space for me. The flood moved that plan along.

And as for the job, which I need to help pay Zeus's $4,000 ( yes, that's four thousand) vet hospital bill, came through.  I applied for the job last fall. It was totally out of the blue that I got the part time job now.

I have been making pumpkins out of the paper bags I dyed. They are all different and I have a pile of them made. The fall store window goes in tomorrow, it's not going to be quite what I had hoped but it will get done. The Etsy store will be up and running soon. All in good time or God's time.


  1. Sorry about your husband's grandma's passing and your flood. Had the flood thing too in our basement, no fun, no matter what. Vet bills, yup, had big ones too. Your pumpkins are amazing and so fun. Keep on creating like you do and things will surely look up. xox Corrine

  2. Wow. Hang in there Jill. We've hit the $18K mark finding the source of our water damage, so I feel your pain. My beloved 11 year old yorkie has cost me about the same amount thus far too. Enjoy the beautiful fall days in spite of it all.

  3. goodness, you've been thru the mill & you're still standing! One day at a time I guess.