Friday, August 20, 2010

Picture Perfect

This is the store window I just finished. I actually gave it the hair salon theme this time, go figure. It's so hard to photograph this window. You can see  signs from across the street in the background.

There is a banner at the top of the window that says, Let us make you..., then on the second window the banner says ....picture perfect. I have picture frames and posters of models all over both windows.

From outside the shop, looking in. You can't see the banner at the  top of the window.
I think this is the first window were I didn't actually make anything  "artsy". No worries, the fall window will be a full blown Jill creation.  Its going to be a fall still life.


  1. What a great gig! Your ability to turn a shop window into a vignette takes talent! Good luck with the attic. At least it's not a 20 years worth of stuff!

  2. Many thanks for visiting today! How to you plan your window designs in advance? By the way, what is a zucchini?
    Indigo Blue