Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Eva!

My sidekick turns nine today. Where has the time gone??  She asked for a lawyer for her birthday. I think she wants one on retainer...looking for backup?  Dynamite has been on her Christmas list two years running. I'm sure the pieces will come together one of these days and I'll see what she is up to. We didn't get her a lawyer but I'll give her the phone number of a friend of mine who has a law degree.

We knew my husband would be working out of town this week so we celebrated Eva's birthday over the weekend. Saturday we took her to the Pittsburgh Zoo. For the most part I thought it was sad, felt sorry for the animals. I almost let the monkeys out, they looked bored out of their skulls.

The only animals that looked happy were the African Painted dogs. They are all siblings and were heaped together in a dog pile. When they got up they were playful.

The photo has a glare from the glass in the viewing nook.

Speaking of dogs, Zeus is home. I picked him up Sunday morning and he dragged me out of the hospital. He is well on his way to recovery.

Eva's birthday party was Sunday. She got a lot cash and wants to go to the mall today.
Looks like we will be shopping until we drop.

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  1. Lawyer? Dynamite?......?

    About the sweet peas...I'm envious!