Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Farm Show

Eva and I went to the Butler Farm Show last night. Our county, Butler, also has a fair but I prefer the Farm Show. The Farm Show seems to incorporate the entire farm family. What I mean is that local farms have their whole families participating in the events. It just seems more family oriented than the fair.

So glad I took my camera.

These horses were pulling a 4,000 pound sled. Each team took a turn. The goal was to see who could pull the most weight. Not a contest just for horses. Throughout the week there were truck and tractor pulls, a man thing. Last night was the demolition derby. People bring in old cars and drive around an arena crashing into each other. The last car moving wins. I guess that's how county folks have fun!
Besides seeing horses, cows, sheep, bunnies, goats, pigs and chickens, there was musical entertainment and food---lots of food stalls.

love the boots!


  1. I love a good show. Your dyeing spree looks like you had great fun, beautiful colors. I don't have much luck with bleach, need to practice.

  2. Thanks for your comment! We visited a friend in Pittsburgh several years ago - the only place in America we have been to and we loved it. Re the dyed paper bags - have you used them to make journal covers etc?

  3. Your sweet comment is so appreciated. Thank you. The Butler farm show looked great, but the cheesecloth dying project was my idea of a great day.

  4. nice shots! our fair is an agricultural fair so we get the best of both worlds...though i will admit i love the farming side of it more than the amusement ride side of it. hope you are well!